INReport ISS

INReport ISS is a web base reporting system used by reporting entities to generate Financial Reporting, Compliance Data and Industry Specific Reports.

ISS reports are generated in pre-formatted excel comply to BNM requirement

INReport ESS

INReport ESS manage external assets and liabilities of the bank and generate Cash Balance of Payments(CBOP),Ultimate Beneficial Owner(UBO),Ringgit Settlement (RS), Inter-Company Account and External Assets and Liabilities (EAL) report

ESS reports are generated in CSV format comply with BNM guideline.

INReport DQF

INReport DQF (Data Quality Framework) provide a mechanism framework to identify inaccurate data such as data items exceeded pre-set threshold/validation rules so that reporting entities could provide underlying business reasons/development and details of major contributors which lead to such significant changes in data.

INReport Credit Info

INReport Credit Info consolidate and aggregate monthly credit data from source system and submit to BNM.

Credit reports are generated in CSV format to comply to BNM requirement.

INReport Credit Info B2B

Credit report enquiry and new application submission/update by connecting to BNM Credit Info B2B Server through B2B module.

The solution can integrate to bank host or data warehouse to extract all the required data for credit application submission.


INReport PIDM (Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia) INReport PIDM ensure delivery of seamless, automated and secured system for a complete and accurate submission of Insurance Depository Reporting

PIDM reports are generated in text file format comply with MDIC guideline.


INReport FATCA & CRS generate account and customer data information for foreign taxpayer who hold foreign financial assets with an aggregated value more than the reporting threshold of 50K USD or 250K USD dependent on either the account type is individual or company.

FATCA & CRS reports are generated in XML schema base format comply to IRBM guideline

INReport Recon

INReport Recon (Reconciliation) automated the reconciliations of the various data transaction from FI to ensure accuracy and ease to reconcile the transactions acros multiple platforms. The engine is able to reconcile from 80% to 100% of transaction , allowing more time for users to indentify missing transactions or fraud cases.

Analyzing risk and checking/resolving internal controlled issues to improve the rate of accuracy of Reconciliations

INReport VAT / INReport GST

INReport VAT/GST accumulate the Financial Institution (FI) input tax and output tax from multiple system for accurate tax declaration, prepare tax return/tax rebate from the FI and generate tax invoice, credit and debit note to the FI customer.


INReport SCEL is a single platform for the processing of the counterparties risks.

INReport SCEL lies in its ability to identify and form possible relationship among all the counterparty exposure maintained within the various heterogeneous systems in bank. All exposures in those related counterparties that pose a single risk to bank will be aggregated against a set of rules definable by bank.